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Private Information Protection Policy

J&S international Inc. (hereafter, referred to as “Our Company”)considers the management of customer private information the same as managing their invaluable property. Conforming to Private Information Protection Policy, our company will maintain strict and proper protection and management of customer private information.

Collection, usage, and disclosure of personal information

Customers and users of this web site may be requested to provide personal information. We will comply strictly with the handling of personal information laws and regulation, clearly identifying intended use and purpose for collecting and following legitimate and fair procedures. In the event that any personal information collected by our company shall be disclosed to the third party, unless mandated by the law, our company may do so only with customer consent.

Questions and concerns regarding handling of personal information

Our company responds appropriately and promptly to your concerns with regard to the handling of personal information.

J&S International Inc.

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J&S国际股份有限公司(以下简称弼公司)对顾客的信息管理, 报以信息为重要财产的观念为本。在这观念的基础上, 我们尽最大的努力对顾客提供的个人信息于以最适当的管理和保护。


对利用弊公司的网站,电子邮件的顾客,必须提供个人信息。 在确定利用目的和必要的信息后,将以合法且公正的方法来管理。 对于个人信息向第三者开示,除了法律规定的开示义务以外, 都必须经过顾客本人同意方可开示。在未经本人同意的情况下, 个人信息将不于以开示。


关于个人信息等的咨询,弊公司将以最迅速,适当的方法于以解决。 联系方法如下


TEL: 0081-98-877-8765 FAX: 0081-98-877-8768 info@jandsinternational.jp