What We Aim for

We aim to provide creativity and excitement and meet the expecitation of the community and society.
We aim to realize a world in which each and every one of us can shine.


Brand statement

“Designing Your Dreams” Through design and manufacturing, we will wholeheartedly help our customers to realize their dreams and goals.

Origin of the Company name

J&S international, Inc. was named after its representative, Toshio Takara, who is also known as Takara Toshio = Treasure and Salt = Jewelry and salt = J&S. Treasure has always sold for a high price, and salt had been an essential part of people’s lives.
The company name was chosen to express our determination to solve our customer’s problems and create new value by continuing yo provide high quality and necessary service.

Logo Concept

The red circle is a symbol of passion and Japan. The impressive form of the logo is based on the motif of the earth, the waves of the ocean, and the horizon line, and it expresses our desire to look yo the world and connect the pipeline to overseas for the next generation.
It is a symbolic design with internationality in mind.


Considering the environment as well as the establishment as a business, As professionals in quality, safety, cost and design, provide value-added services, We provide new value by supporting and solving customer issues.

Commercial facilities, lodging facilities/interior design, construction work
Interior/design, planning, construction work
Signs (indoor/outdoor), displays/construction work
Wallpaper brand (Okinawa design wallpaper “Ryuso.”) / Sales
Design wallpaper, interior brand (decent interior “Design Terrier” to enjoy space) / sales operations
Textile brand (Okinawan beauty for life. “RYU+CODE Plus Coord”) / Sales operations
Interior materials, building materials/sales operations


Trade nameJ&S International Co., Ltd.
Address1263 Azazawa, Urasoe City, Okinawa Prefecture 901-2112
TEL 098-877-8765
FAX 098-877-8768
Freecall 0800-777-3583
EstablishmentFounded as J&S CORP in July 1994
IncorporationSeptember 2006 Company name changed to J&S inter national Co., Ltd.
Common stock9,000,000 yen
OfficerRepresentative Director Toshio Takara
Director / Member of the Board Morio Kubagawa
Corporate Officer / Executive Officer Norihito Asato
Team10 people (including 2 part-timers)